DUI/DWI/Boating While Intoxicated

 Cecil E. Berg DWI, DUI, Boating While Intoxicated Attorney Polk San Jacinto Walker and Montgomery Counties in Texas

Whether driving your car or operating your boat, you don’t want to get caught over the limit!  If you do, the Berg Law firm is here ready to help.


The penalties for alcohol related charges range from the loss of your driver’s license, probation, alcohol classes, community service, fines, county jail time, or several years of state prison time for repeat offenders.

Cecil E. Berg DUI, DWI, Boating While Intoxicated Attorney serving Polk, San Jacinto, Walker and Montgomery Counties in Texas

The severity of the punishment for alcohol related charges is determined for the most part by a few factors that include:

  • Was a boat or motor vehicle involved?
  • Was anyone injured?
  • Was reckless driving involved
  • How much alcohol was the driver’s system
  • Was there a hit and run?
  • Was there a death resulting from any accident?


All of these factors can make an alcohol related case against you much more serious and can cause the penalties to go up.


Unfortunately there are quite a few drunk driving defense attorneys that don’t fight these charges aggressively.  They believe that alcohol related charges are cut and dried and there is nothing much that can be done.


This is where Cecil Berg is different!  We fight for you to get the charges reduced.  We work to get you a better sentence and in some cases we have been successful in getting entire cases dismissed.


We have the experience, the understanding and the resources to finding and getting you a better outcome.  We don’t rest unless we can get a drunk driving charge dismissed or reduced.  We are looking for the best possible outcome for our clients every time!

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